When Tennessee residents fall on hard economic times they may not be able to pay all their bills on time. When people have more debt than they have income, they often have to make hard choices about which bills to pay and which bills to put off. When people are forced to make these types of decisions, the debt can mount quickly and it can be difficult for people to recover.

When creditors are owed money, they can become quite aggressive. People may be subjected to harassing, annoying and embarrassing collection calls from creditors that their homes or work. These collection efforts can be continuous as creditors try to get any money they can. In some situations, creditors can exercise certain creditor’s rights in order to try and get payment.

One of these rights is often wage garnishment. Recent reports claim that reality television star Porsha Williams may have her wages garnished by a creditor. Williams — who recently finalized a divorce — stars in the show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” According to reports, Williams owes almost $18,000 to a homeowners association for unpaid dues, interest and attorney’s fees.

These fees apparently stem from a condo owned by Williams from October 2007 to December 2012. It was eventually lost in a foreclosure auction. Sources say that the homeowners association was previously unsuccessful in locating a bank account that they could garnish. However, reports say they are still looking.

Wage garnishment is just one type of creditor right that can make life even more difficult for those struggling to pay their debts. Those who are facing garnishment, foreclosure or other asset forfeiture should consider legal options — including bankruptcy — that could help stop these collection efforts.

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