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Fox Law provides a full range of estate planning services and legal products for individuals and families living in Hendersonville and the surrounding communities throughout Middle Tennessee. Let our efficient and professional team help your family ensure your estate will pass on the way you intend


This legal instrument is the cornerstone of most of the estate plans we design for our clients.  Our team will help you navigate the complexities of trust creation, ensuring your assets are protected and your loved ones are taken care of.


With our expertise in will drafting, we will guide you through successful strategies and create simple and effective estate planning documents tailored to your specific needs.


What exactly is probate? It entails legally administering the estate of a deceased individual, addressing any outstanding debts, and distributing assets to their rightful beneficiaries.



Powers of attorney for Health Care and Financial Estates are very important should you or your spouse become incapacitated. Living Wills and Advance Health Care Directives tell your loved ones and your medical providers how you want them to provide medical care for you in difficult situations.

Serving Clients with Excellence and Care Since 2004

For over two decades, Fox Law has been solving complex legal problems for thousands of clients in the historic Hazel Path Offices in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

We have a team of experienced legal professionals ready to serve. Our focus is on individual and married couple Estate Planning instrument packages and services. We have Estate and litigation experience (State and Federal Courts) spanning two decades, though our focus is on using that experience to avoid litigation. We take pride in drafting documents that avoid conflicts. We offer a range of Estate products and services. We take great pride and care in doing what we do. Call us or email us at eric@ericfoxlegal.com.

We would be pleased to serve you.

Eric K. Fox, Attorney, is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center (class of 2002) in Washington D.C. He is also a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley [B.A., Rhetoric and Conflict Studies (Double major); minor in Music]. He has been practicing law in Middle Tennessee for 22 years.

If you need legal assistance, stop by our office and let us show you why we were voted the best attorney in Sumner County!

We have been assisting residents all over middle Tennessee for 22 years.

To provide individuals and married couples with effective and personal estate planning instruments which will assist them and their families in navigating life’s contingencies and avoiding conflicts.

“If it were not for Eric Fox’s law office I don’t know where I would be. They helped me to keep my house and also deal with another legal situation that they did not have to.”

A. Johnson

“My wife and I are thankful we decided to contact Mr. Fox and his team with our financial problems. We had never been in any situation where we needed legal help before, and Mr. Fox made us comfortable with his knowledge, professionalism, and kindness. We are grateful to be represented by such a competent and professional office. Thanks!”

The Edmonds

“Bankruptcy is a serious matter, and it was an option that I did not want to take. However, due to a family member’s terminal illness and economic recession among other factors, I turned to filing as a solution. The law office of Eric K. Fox clearly navigated me through the process and I appreciated the professionalism and compassion that I experienced throughout. I would definitely recommend Mr. Fox 100%. Thank you for helping during one of the most difficult periods that I have ever gone through.”

E. Baek

“I am very pleased with the legal support I receive from Eric Fox and his staff. They have assisted me on multiple occasions and always provide good guidance to me when needed. I have also referred all my friends to Eric. I don’t know what my family would have done without them. They will always be my first point of contact with legal issues and are still assisting me to this day. They have truly helped me get my life back on track which I am extremely grateful for.”

Rick Nelson

“After my car was totaled, Eric Fox worked diligently to help me gain compensation for my loss and my injuries. He walked me through the physical therapy process, the litigation process, and – best of all – he got me a settlement.”


“Eric K Fox made the bankruptcy process quick and painless. I have received prompt and professional service in my dealings with the Law Offices of Eric K Fox.”


“Having worked with other attorney’s offices, I always felt as if I were in a herd…being shuffled through with thousands of others and never really having my questions answered. At the Law Office of Eric K. Fox, I felt as if I was their only client. My needs were met in a professional, yet personal, manner. Eric and his staff prepared me for the bankruptcy process and didn’t just push me through without any guidance. Their honesty, professionalism and thoroughness have made a big fan out of me and I recommend them to ANYONE who’s even considering bankruptcy.”


“Both Mr. Fox and staff have always answered my many questions and address my concerns concerning my legal health. Effective, Trustworthy and worth their fees!”

Eddie Sash

“The Law Office of Eric Fox put me at ease from the moment I walked in. Everything was handled in a professional and timely matter. If I had a question about anything going on, I was answered promptly, via telephone or email. Mr. Fox and his paralegal were very thorough about everything.”


“We were very blessed to have found Mr. Fox and his staff. He was very thorough in going over the entire procedure of Bankruptcy with us. We did not feel like we were going through the process alone. He and his staff go the extra mile for their clients and with their help we have been given a fresh start and a new lease on life.”

Mr. and Mrs. G. Miller

“I was having financial difficulties when I went into Eric Fox’s office in 2009. Creditors were wearing me out, by phone and mail. I was so stressed out, causing problems in my family relationships. After meeting with Mr. Fox that day I was so relieved when I walked out of his office. Just knowing, now, these creditors will leave me alone. I put it in Eric’s hands and he took care of everything as I had filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy. If your looking for a great attorney, I would recommend Eric Fox to ANYONE.”

Gwen Stone

“Dear Mr. Fox, I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I have appreciated your help through this difficult time… I felt very comfortable right away, you answered all my questions in a timely fashion and that gave me piece of mind that I was unable to find with all the creditors. I thank you for your time and energy put into my situation and though I regret having put myself in this place I am grate full to have met you and for the help of your office. You and your staff made a bad situation much better! In closing I would take this time to let you know that I would gladly recommend your office to anyone that I know. I wish you and your staff all the best and well wishes moving forward.”

The Rutherford Family

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We are located in the Whitehall building of the Hazel Path office complex in Hendersonville, Tennessee, and offer free parking near the lake, off Main Street.

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and evening and weekend appointments available upon request.


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