In the last few years, the economic climate has been difficult on many homeowners. While people try to juggle all of their responsibilities, often people fall behind. When people cannot afford their mortgage, as we explained in this recent post, foreclosure is an option. In a foreclosure the bank with take back the property and sell it in order to pay the debt owed to them.

Foreclosures not only leave a homeowner without a place to live, they can be emotionally difficult. It is often hard for people to see their home, and the memories it holds, being sold to the highest bidder. This is especially true when the foreclosure is the result of something beyond the control of the homeowner.

Our firm understands the emotional and physical hardships that foreclosure can create. However, we also understand that Tennessee residents often have options that can help them keep their house. With our help, and legal knowledge, people may be able to stop foreclosure proceedings.

In today’s world mortgage fraud and improper foreclosures are not uncommon. We can make sure that homeowners rights have been upheld through every stage of the process. This will ensure that homeowners do not unfairly lose the rights to their property.

Additionally, our firm can help homeowners determine if a bankruptcy can help save their home from foreclosure. In many cases, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will give homeowners up to five years to become current on their mortgage payments. This can stop a foreclosure and allow people to stay in their home.

For more information about how our firm can help those facing foreclosure, please see our webpage on stopping foreclosure.